What is Mindfulness-based psychotherapy?

The benefits of mindfulness practice and mindfulness based therapies are gaining a rapidly growing evidence base across the world. Bringing compassionate non-judgmental awareness to our present experience is understood to be intrinsically healing.

Mindfulness based Core Process psychotherapy is the original Mindfulness based psychotherapy in the UK and is a trauma informed practice. The training is highly respected and fully accredited by the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP).

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Some of the benefits people experience are:

  • Greater ease in handling thoughts, moods, emotions
  • Improved focus, memory and concentration
  • Feeling better able to manage stress or anxiety
  • Experiencing greater self-confidence and being less self-critical
  • Feeling more compassionate and less judgemental
  • Experiencing more connection with others and the surrounding world
  • Noticing and responding more effectively to unhelpful habits/patterns in the mind
  • Feeling more able to respond skilfully rather than react
  • Having more clarity around your experiences and values
  • Personal development

"Feelings are just visitors, let them come and go."


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During our sessions we will gently begin a joint enquiry into whatever is happening in the body and mind in the present moment. Anyone who’s watched a baby or young child will know that we all have a natural capacity to be open and live purely in the moment yet we lose this throughout life as we develop strategies to adapt to our environments and protect ourselves from pain and difficulty.

By looking into our present experience, we can often develop a greater understanding of the nature of our struggles, gradually noticing how we get stuck in unhelpful unconscious patterns and recognising how past experiences or future worries may be affecting us right now. In becoming more aware of our feelings, thoughts, and body sensations, we can begin to step back, pause and consider what is no longer serving us. We can begin to feel a sense of space and freedom to consciously choose our response instead of getting hijacked by old patterns.

Mindfulness can also help us to see the constantly changing nature of our experiences, which can help us to notice that they are not fixed or ‘who we are’, even though they often feel that way. We can begin to see our experiences like passing weather conditions, which can help us to be with difficulties, in the knowledge that it will pass.